Nine-Year-Old Girl Appeals To City Officials For Bigger Animal Shelter

Nine-Year-Old Girl Appeals To City Officials For Bigger Animal Shelter

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Molly Haskett, who turned nine just a few days ago, has a passion for pets. Last week she spelled out her concern for her local shelter when she addressed the City Council in Midwest City, Oklahoma, igniting the audience with her poise and character.

Courtesy, Molly’s Cause For Paws

“I think we should get a bigger animal shelter to help these pets,” Molly said during the meeting.  After raising her hand to speak, Molly approached the podium. Not quite tall enough to reach the microphone, with the aid of her grandmother, she addressed the assembly while standing on a chair.

Molly, who volunteers at MWC, and also brings in stray animals, spoke from the heart about the need to fund a new shelter facility.

I think that if you expand the shelter then these animals will be happier.”

“She pretty much stole the show,” said Adrian Sander, with Midwest City Animal Welfare.  Ms. Haskett was eminently composed, stealing the spotlight from other speakers.

I’ve gone to MWC and there were only 24 kennels there.  MWC has gotten larger, which means more stray dogs. So I think we should get a bigger animal shelter to help these pets.”  Molly was adamant that if the shelter is made bigger, all the animals could be saved, “and I think that is a very good idea.”

Midwest City has been growing in population, and Molly thinks the shelter needs to grow with it.  “I love animals, and so I think that we really need a bigger shelter.”

Courtesy, Molly’s Cause For Paws

Not only does she donate her time, Ms. Haskett also donates her hard-earned money.  She sells handmade snowmen through her website, Molly’s Cause For Paws.  “I gave $250 to five shelters, Midwest City included,” she said.

“To see a child that’s 8 years old support our shelter, it’s wonderful,” Sander said.

Midwest City Mayor and the City Council are reviewing requests and looking at what can be done to help. Rescues and volunteers also spoke at the meeting regarding the 31-year-old shelter, and will have that story!

Darla, adoptable labbie mix at MWC, ID 29493

Molly, a strong advocate for spaying and neutering pets, is pictured here with Darla, a young labbie mix at MWC waiting for her furever home.  Molly even set up a donation jar at her birthday celebration to collect funds for her favorite cause – those with paws and claws.

Here are the links to MWC’s dog and cat adoptables, or click this Facebook page for the Friends of the Midwest City Animal Welfare Center!  The shelter is open 6 days a week, and can be reached at  (405) 427-6640.  The adoption fee is a nominal $45.

Molly Haskett, you’re an inspiration!


Community Rushes To Aid 100 Pets Trapped After SUV Crashes, Bursts Into Flames Inside Shelter

Community Rushes To Aid 100 Pets Trapped After SUV Crashes, Bursts Into Flames Inside Shelter

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Tragedy struck a West Chester, PA animal shelter this weekend when an SUV crashed through one of the walls and then burst into flames.  The driver of the SUV died, along with three cats from the Brandywine Valley Society for the Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals (BVSPCA) New Castle facility.  A fourth cat remains at an emergency care center for burns and smoke inhalation.

Courtesy, BVSPCA

That night, first responders, staff and neighbors joined forces to get the animals out of the crumbling, burning facility.  Said BVSPCA spokeswoman Linda Torelli, “to have a woman lose her life on our property was really horrific for all of us.”

In a superhuman effort, almost 100 animals were moved out of harms way.  Adam Lamb, BVSPCA CEO said,

“it could have been even worse if not for the amazing work of the first responders and all the neighbors who worked together.”   

People came out of their houses and brought animals into their cars and homes.  First responders put them into ambulances.

Courtesy, BVSPCA

However, to add to the tragedy, the fire and crash destroyed the veterinary clinic, reception area, exam rooms and holding area.  The shelter sustained so much damage it was immediately deemed uninhabitable.  So what would happen to 98 now-displaced shelter animals?

The BVSPCA put out the word to rescues, fosters and adopters on social media and through local news reports.  And they have been overwhelmed at the response from the community.

Slim, adoptable at PA campus

The BVSPCA posted, “in one day, 56 of the animals at one adoption location found new homes and 15 left with rescue groups.”  A family who had been thinking about adopting immediately came in and saved a life.

Today, the BVSPCA held a vigil for Latoya Cooper, the 33-year-old mother of five who perished, as well as for the three cats whose lives were also lost. People left flowers at the now boarded over site of the accident. Speakers also recognized the first responders and neighbors,”whose fast action saved the other 98 pets.”

MIs Priss, adoptable at Georgetown campus

Supporters of BVSPCA were inspired and moved by the community support for the driver’s family and for the shelter animals.  The shelter has launched a fundraiser to help cover the immediate cost of rebuilding their facility.

Tanner, adoptable at New Castle campus

If you’re thinking of adopting and you’re in that area, please visit one of the BVSPCA‘s adoption locations: the Georgetown, DE campus; the PetSmart Everyday Adoption Center in Dover, DE or the West Chester, PA campus. Sunday hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  The pets you see here are all available at these centers.


Puppy Found With Heartbreaking Note: “My Owner Is In Abusive Relationship, Please Take Care Of Him”

Puppy Found With Heartbreaking Note: “My Owner Is In Abusive Relationship, Please Take Care Of Him”

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Domestic violence affects everyone in a household, and that violence frequently extends to the pets of their victims.  This weekend, Chewy, a three-month-old miniature Chihuahua puppy, was one of a pair of survivors of domestic violence.  Left with this note,

“My owner was in an abusive relationship …. My boyfriend kicked my dog when we were fighting and he has a big knot on his head.  He probably needs a vet”,

the innocent pup was found in an airport bathroom in Las Vegas, with injuries to his jaw and head.  Chewy’s distraught owner had made the difficult decision to get them both to safety and arrived at the airport, only to face further heartbreak – “(she) couldn’t afford me to get on the flight.  She didn’t want to leave me with all her heart but she has NO other option.”


Chewy at CMDR

Thanks to a Good Samaritan, Chewy is now safe with Connor and Millie Rescue (CMDR), and is quickly recuperating from what must have been a tragic experience for himself and his distraught owner.  “I love Chewy sooo much, please love and take care of him. xoxoxoxo.


CMDR posted this reassuring message, along with the note and the photo of Chewy,  “Please share in hopes that his mom sees this that she was brave to leave and that he will have a great life.”


According to statistics, 48 percent of women stay with abusive partners or delay their escape because they fear leaving their pets behind.  If you are in an abusive situation but have pets and are afraid to leave because of them, please know there are options and safe houses available throughout the country.  It’s vital to the safety of your pet to bring them with you if you leave.  Please click here or here for places in your state that can provide a safe haven for you and your pets, or visit

Adoptable at CMDR!

Unsurprisingly, there has been an overwhelming amount of interest in Chewy, according to CMDR.  But there is only one Chewy and there are so many other animals in need of homes.

“They too were a Chewy : they’ve lost their home through no fault of their own. Life is tenuous in a shelter, lonely and the days seem endless in a cage.”

Boomer, adoptable at the Animal Foundation in Las Vegas


If you have room in your home for a Chewy or someone like him, please check out CMDR, or as they pronounce it “Commander“, on this link, or visit the Animal Foundation in Las Vegas, to find your new best friend.  Maybe it’ll be Boomer!  Tell them “Chewy sent me!”  If you’d like more stories about animals, please subscribe to or follow us on Facebook!

NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. Goes To The Dogs

NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. Goes To The Dogs

Superstar NASCAR Cup Series driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. plans to retire at the end of this year.  Sunday will be Dale Earnhardt Jr’s final race at Sonoma, a track in California.  It’s customary for tracks to give a token of appreciation to star drivers who are retiring, and much like the other racetracks he’s visited since announcing his retirement, Jr. was presented with a farewell gift, or should we say, a trio of gifts, ones which will benefit others in the community for years to come.

The President of Sonoma, Steve Page, introduced Jr. to three puppies, ‘Dale’, ‘Amy’ and ‘Junior’. The Lab trio, donated by Tabbitha Whitaker of Micons Labradors and Fieldstone Labradors, will be taught to help children with disabilities, including autism and mobility issues.

The track donated the three puppies to Paws As Loving Support (PALS) Assistance Dogs on Earnhardt’s behalf. Jr. and his wife, Amy, are both passionate animal lovers.  Puppy Dale, formerly known as Casper, will also be part of the PALS juvenile detention program.  Incarcerated youth will be instrumental in providing his basic service dog training.

At the ceremony, the puppies were outfitted in capes embroidered with their names.  Said a visibly touched Jr.,

“It really warms my heart.  We love dogs and making a difference in people’s lives.”

Page told the crowd, “Dale has such a huge following among our fans and we wanted to find a way for his legacy to carry forward.  These three puppies will make a meaningful difference in the lives of young people…”

Pretty cool!  To learn more about PALS and their programs, click here!

If you’d like more stories like these, click here!  And catch an episode of like this one, where shelter dogs are paired with veterans to help them overcome their PTSD.

Shelter Saves More Lives By Actively Engaging Their Community

Shelter Saves More Lives By Actively Engaging Their Community

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In Virginia, Richmond Animal Care and Control has been in the business of saving animals for 115 years. Like many open-admission shelters, their live-release rate needed improvement.  Luckily for the animals in this shelter, their most recent director, Christie Chipps Peters, came in with new ideas and a new attitude.  Working together with their RACC Foundation, these new ideas have successfully boosted their live-release rate to nearly 90%.

Peters’ bottom line for the shelter: Do everything they can “to allow people to come and take them so they leave the shelter alive.”

Tess, adoptable rottie!

The shelter used to close their doors at 5PM.  The majority of the community also works 9-to-5.  Potential adopters had no way of getting into the shelter during the week.  Simply shifting their hours of operation, keeping their doors open till 7PM during the week, and adding in weekend hours, has dramatically increased their ability to rehome their residents.

They’ve also implemented a pet retention program, so residents facing a crisis, who believe they have no choice but to turn in their animals, are now given the assistance they need to keep their pets.

Connie, adoptable!

They’ve also become pros at utilizing social media.  If they make the choice to seize a large amount of animals, they waste no time in putting the word out on their page:

“We’ve taken 40 animals, we need to find 40 of our dogs that are in house, foster homes. Can you please help?”

Peters believed that if you’re transparent with your community, the community would step up.  She explains,

“tell the truth and allow the public to see completely your operations and how you’re doing things, and ask for help.”

Russell, adoptable Himalayan!

Transparency, accountability, flexibility.  This is one shelter, and one Shelter Director, who ‘gets it.’ And these solutions are easily utilized at any shelter.

Here are links to cats and dogs like Wicket the pom featured above, currently residing at Richmond ACC.  They can be reached at (804) 646-5584.  Stop in and meet some great animals and the staff who go the extra mile.

Got a great shelter in your neighborhood?  Let us know!

Shelter Volunteer Swaddles Frightened Dog And Your Heart Will Melt

Shelter Volunteer Swaddles Frightened Dog And Your Heart Will Melt

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Shelter volunteers spend so much time with their charges that they get to know some of them, their likes, their habits and their fears, very, very well. caught one of these angels in action….

Dwayne, a three-year-old bully mix, is currently a resident at Collier Domestic Animal Services in Naples, Florida.  He is also very scared of thunderstorms, and, with the rainy season in full swing, a concrete-block Florida shelter is not the most acoustically-ideal place for a dog like Dwayne to be.

So Susan Hand Barry, a wonderful shelter volunteer, snuggled up to Dwayne in his kennel, swaddled him up in blankets ‘like ET‘, and soothed him while the thunder rolled far in the distance.  Check out the video!

A beautiful black and white boy with ‘a crooked little pigtail’, as Susan describes Dwayne, who “doesn’t like storms and may not like fireworks either.”  With Independence Day coming down the pike, many big ka-booms will be expected.  The sounds are sure to echo around the shelter’s concrete walls, scaring dogs like Dwayne, so Collier DAS would love to get this big baby into a home before July  4th, and have waived his adoption fee till June 17th. Here’s a link to more video of handsome Dwayne!

Dwayne, adoptable at Collier in Naples, FL

Going the extra mile every day.  That’s a shelter volunteer!!

Update on 6/20 – Dwayne has been adopted!! But there are many other great animals here; to see them, click here and please visit Collier at 7610 Davis Blvd, Naples, FL or call them at 239-252-PETS(7387).  Many dogs are scared of thunderstorms, and shelters would welcome donations of a Thundershirt!

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