Here’s Chief’s story: Three NY dogs beg, ‘please don’t forget about us’

You look into his big brown eyes and can see Chief’s yearning to have someone love him. He’s a rescue from a high-kill animal shelter in Yonkers, NY, just like Oliver and Gia, who are still looking for homes. Like them, this four-year old was also given a second chance by a group of special volunteers who love him, and believe in him, and believe that his forever home is out there. It’s just a matter of time until that family finds him.

n the meantime, Chief and his supporters have done everything possible to make him highly adoptable. He’s had quite a journey. He’s gone from somehow surviving on the streets, to surviving a shelter, with its strange smells and scary sounds, and now has more than a year of prime one-on-one time with a personal trainer under his belt.ChaseK9 Services has taught him how to be a wonderful, well-mannered companion. His supporters say he’s a fun, charismatic, athletic brindle Mastiff mix. He’s got his own Facebook community, “Saving Chief“. And he’s got dreams, but is really afraid they’ll never come true, and he’s almost given up hope. Chief dreams of a big yard where he can play with all the toys and eat all the treats. And maybe go swimming and play with a hose. Chief loves being in the water. He says,12744215_1676326492645773_6100107201956332520_n 12799085_1678415992436823_8533270530530701800_n 12977184_1698478673763888_86227872914112268_o 12985344_1696003434011412_1584871394922546799_n 12985553_1698839067061182_8407651816994877413_n 13051770_1702805329997889_4460643087523655529_n 13095846_1704389866506102_9117710670434420025_n 13102708_1708276966117392_7764138803701761789_n 13226879_1710781882533567_8043859092405476480_n 13230242_1714272452184510_6846513184785483286_n 13263861_1715015305443558_967519591324820772_n 13332834_1719638561647899_2158697339556754191_n 13344598_1718838441727911_4771120968218569262_n

“I know I was born a bully breed instead of a little Poodle or a glorious Golden. Sometimes I close my eyes and pretend I am one, and that everyone is fighting over who will foster or adopt me, but I open my eyes and the reality hits me. Nobody has come for me yet another day. I just sit and wait…”

He’d crosspost his photos and videos like this one all over if he could, but his keyboard skills leave a little to be desired, so he’s depending on the kindness of humans to share his story. Even though they’ve let him down so much in his past, he’s got a great group of two-leggers behind him now. Like Oliver, he’s even got free handling lessons for an approved adopter, made possible by his personal trainer. Chief’s contact information is MariK9rescue@gmail.comor call 646-441-0332. He’s currently in the Bellingham, MA area with his trainer, but has transport assistance to the right home.

Please check out Oliver’s story here, and read about Gia here. Please share these three dogs with big hearts from the Big Apple.


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