Meet Oliver! Three NY dogs beg, ‘please don’t forget about us’

Watch their videos, look at their photos, and you’ll be scratching your head, wondering why three well-trained, friendly, good-looking canines from New York, Oliver, Chief and Gia, are still homeless. The trio have thousands of Facebook followers. One of them, Oliver, rescued from a Yonkers, NY shelter, was featured by the Dog News Examiner, twice! In April, advocates thought he finally found his forever home after waiting more than a year, and were doing happy dances.

But Oliver’s good luck came to an end just a few weeks ago when his adopter was forced to give up this handsome, loving dog because the landlord wanted him gone. Did Oliver do anything wrong? No. Yet, he’s now paying the price for being a pitbull mix, judged by people who never even met him; bullied for being a bully-breed. He’s heartbroken, as are his supporters who took him back into their fold, but were forced to board him. Every dog is an individual and should be judged accordingly.

A new season is upon us, and Oliver is hoping that a tennis-ball throwing, belly-rubbing, couch-snuggling human will find him and want to share their life with him. His medical issue, which you can read about in a previous story, is all fixed. Now he’s just like any other high-energy goofus, and doesn’t need any special care. Just some ear rubs, a home without any other dogs, and some older kids to pal around with would be ideal. Oliver’s contact information or call/text 201-981-3215. You can check out his page here at Hope for Oliver. He’s got transport assistance to the right home.

Please check out Chief’s story here, and read about Gia here. Please share these three dogs with big hearts from the Big Apple.olier4 oliver1 oliver2 oliver3 oliver5 oliver6 oliver7 oliver8 oliver9 oliver10 oliver11 oliver12 oliver13 oliver14 oliver15


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