Reiki and pets: what is it and can it help with relieving pain or anxiety

As is the case with most medical fields, the practice of veterinary medicine is also evolving. Classical veterinary treatment places an emphasis on management of pain and treatment of disease through medication and surgery. Veterinarians go through years of education, and the good ones never stop learning how best to treat their patients. In 2015, the American Animal Hospital Association and the American Association of Feline Practitioners agreed that there should be an ‘integrated approach’ to managing pain, and widened their care choices to include alternative medicine.


If you’ve ever seen your pet bliss out while you’re massaging them, applying essential oil to their fur, or heard them sigh contentedly when the acupuncture needle hits just the right spot, you understand. And, if so, you might be interested in learning about Reiki. Because, with Reiki, not only can your pet be treated remotely by a Reiki Master, you can learn how to do it as well. Examiner spoke with Rev. Fernando Albert, a Reiki Master/Teacher, to get their expert insight into this healing technique.

What is Reiki? It is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by ‘laying on hands’ and is based on the idea that an unseen ‘life force energy’ flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If this life force is low, you or your pet, may feel ill or stressed.

Fernando has been practicing this art since 2010, and has seen amazing results in animals in just 30 minutes. According to Fernando, it can be done in person or remotely, without losing any of its effect. He believes every person can learn how to harness their ‘White Light’ energy and bring their mind, body, emotions and spirit and those of their pets, into balance. He’s used a method he calls ‘Dual Channel Healing’ in combination with Reiki, and worked on every kind of pet you can imagine, including iguanas and snakes.

Two dogs who have benefited from Reiki are Toby and Bella. Bella arrived very traumatized, with nonstop barking, urinated all over the house and cried all night long. Toby is an elderly dog with the usual accompanying health issues. Fernando worked with both of them and has seen their lives turn around. According to Toby’s owner, the changes in him often happen right after a session with Fernando; Toby gets up and begins playing. Bella has completely integrated into her home and has eliminated the issues she had when she arrived.

Fernando usually begins a session with physical contact with the animal. Once it is calm, he asks the animal if he/shewants healing. The animal will react, whether moving away or laying down more and stretching. And then he begins to channel his healing Energy. For distance healings, he uses a photo of the animal where he can see their eyes. Then he uses what he calls ‘Body Talk” to connect with the animals’ Spirit Guides. For local and distance healing, using chakras, he tries to balance the body. Then he focuses on the different biological systems, such as circulatory, immune, digestive, etc., to work on the issues that brought the animal to him.

It is the flow of Energy, according to Fernando, that is the foundation of his method, removing the bad energy and replenishing it with new and clean energy. Says Fernando, “Animals are extremely sensitive to energy and many pet owners were able to know when (during a session) the healing happened, due to the behavior of their beloved furry family member.”

These behavior changes include suddenly calming down and staying relaxed, or possibly getting up and eating, if it hadn’t done so in a while. And when your pet feels better, don’t you? Of course – and your pet picks up on that, creating, as Fernando calls it, a ‘reciprocal loop of healing energy animal-owner-animal.’

Fernando believes that, as happened to him, you get ‘wired’ to the ‘pool of white light’ and you become a channel for that energy. That’s why he believes that anyone can do this, if they’re open to it.

Still having doubts about the power of Reiki? An animal advocate tells Examiner, “there was an injured dog who was facing euthanasia because his lungs weren’t clotting. Nothing seemed to work. So (I) paid for a Reiki Master to treat the dog. As soon as he was treated, his lungs started clotting. One friend’s elderly dog has cancer, and now this dog, after treatment, is eating and running around.” Intrigued? One 30-minute session with Fernando will set you back less than $6.00. Yes, you read that correctly. You can click on this link to read more. Namaste.


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