Tragedy for two dogs: Rescued from lives on chains, will they die at FL shelter?

And then there were two. The ‘ten little Indians’ came into Orange County Animal Services in Orlando, FL on June 21. Some of them have found rescue, some didn’t make it out alive. Two of them, Sheba and Jeptha, are still at the kill-shelter and would love for you to share their story. It’s a good one, and it’s their only chance right now. They told it to Tara, one of the very nice humans they met there. And she shared it with her friends just two days ago. Can you please help share it for them, too? They have until July 7.

“Our names are Sheba and Jeptha. We lived together at the same house in Orlando. Our owner was evicted on June 21, so Animal Control was called to our home, along with the police. Our owner was going to leave us behind when he moved, but instead he gave all ten of us to the Animal Control officer.

Six adults, including the two of us, were chained in the backyard all the time. The four little puppies, whose mom was Kimmie, lived inside a bedroom. When we were brought to the shelter, we were all tested for Parvo, that really bad disease. And they told us we were Parvo free! So that’s good!

Some of our family had good luck with getting out of here. Kimmie and her pups were rescued by Paradise for PetsRescue. One of her babies died at the shelter – we whimpered when we heard that, but we are so happy they are now safe. We heard the puppies were covered in oil. Ick! We don’t know why a human did that to them. You can see their new happy photos here.

Our brother ‘Lazarus’ was super scared here. We both prayed so hard for him, and he was rescued by Sophie’s Circle Dog Rescue! They found out he was a she, and changed her name to Pepper! She wasn’t in very good shape either, as you can see if you click here, but she’s getting better!

Our brothers Sampson and Simba didn’t make it. They were put to sleep because of their temperament. They may have been just really, really scared being here. Lots of us are, even though we’re completely different when we’re out of this noisy place. After they brought us here, we never saw them again.

Pepper’s rescue mommy recently found out about us and wants us to be helped, too. Not many people who look at us in our cages at OCAS know our story. They don’t know there were 10 of us. They didn’t know about our situation. That’s why we are telling you. WE ARE THE ONLY TWO THAT REMAIN AT THIS HIGH KILL SHELTER. We would like to learn to be loved. We want to experience a warm bed and have a family that can’t bear to be without us because they love us so much. We’ve had a tough life. Can you please share us? Can you come visit us at the shelter? Oh, and can you please Pledge for Sheba? She has heartworms, which I’m told is very treatable, but costs something called ‘money’. We don’t have any of that, but we hear you might? You can click on this link to do that ‘pledge’ thing; please don’t pledge in the comment section here on Examiner or the humans may not see it. And if you pledge, please,please send it if we get saved

Thank you and please share our story! Watch our video. We’re a little scared, but trying so hard! We’re at OCAS in Orlando, FL. Love, Sheba and Jeptha.

Please come to Orange County Animal Services at 2769 Conroy Rd., Orlando, FL. The phone number is (407)836-3111.

This is Sheba’s link; she’s five-years-old: Animal ID: A352248 Room No.: WD36

And here’s Jeptha’s link; he’s one-year-old: Animal ID: A352250 Room No.: WD38

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