Amputee kitten adopted by family with daughter who lost a limb

Scarlette Tipton is a two-year-old cancer survivor with an amputated arm. She lives with her brother Cayden, three, and her parents Simone and Matt Tipton, in Orange County, California. As reported Thursday by ABC13, on Christmas Eve they drove to the animal shelter in San Jacinto to visit a kitten named Holly, who they hoped would be the special cat for their special girl.

Amputee kitten adopted by family with amputee daughter                              Courtesy, KNBC screenshot

Scarlette was born with a rare form of cancer, and when she was just 10-months-old, her left arm had to be amputated. Doctors say the surgery was a success and she’s now cancer free. Her parents started searching for the ‘purrrfect’ pet to help Scarlette along in her journey. In early December, a young kitten was found by two women in Perris, California, after suffering a traumatic injury to one of her limbs. It is unknown how the kitten was injured. The women wrapped the three-month-old kitten in towels and rushed her to the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus.

Veterinarians were able to save the kitten’s life, but they had to amputate her right front leg. The Tiptons heard about Holly, and brought the family to see how Scarlette would respond. Sounds like it was love at first sight. Said Ms. Tipton, “There were staples on the cat’s side and she says owies and I said yea, they’re just like your owies and she kind of touches her side where the amputation was and she said oh, owies. And it kind of just clicked, she understood that that’s what was going on.”

The Tipton family brought the kitten home on December 31 and renamed her ‘Doc’ after Scarlette’s favorite cartoon character ‘Doc McStuffins.’ On her Smiles for Scarlette Facebook page, you can see some sweet photos of Doc enjoying cuddles from her new family. Her mom says Doc “reminds me of Scarlette. She doesn’t let her limitation stop her at all…”, convinced they’re a ‘purrfect’ match!

Special needs animals are frequently overlooked, and make wonderful pets. If you think one might fit into your family, here are links to some wonderful sites to check out: LoveyLoaves, Heart for Animals, Cat Support Network and Petswith Disabilities.


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