Daisy & Duke update: No takers so healthy boxer sibs will be PTS in 10 days

Sad update April 21: Daisy and Duke have had no takers. They will lose their boarding on May 1, 2016, according to today’s update on their fundraiser. If that day arrives and they still have nowhere to go, they will be headed back to Marion County Animal Services, where they will be euthanized. Ms. Albury cannot take them to her home, or she and the rest of her animals will be evicted. People stepped up to donate for boarding, but they’ve been there since February, and their time is now up.


No dog can stay in boarding forever, nor should they. Perhaps. since they are healthy and happy, and have not been burned, abused, mistreated or starved, like so many dogs who are posted on Examiner, no one is paying attention to them. But they will still die if no rescue, foster or adopter steps up. Ms. Albury has been working to find them new homes for over a year, with no luck. She states, “please call or text me at 352-615-0105. I’m not against them having an adequate outdoor kennel space if someone wanted to foster them and have them outside as long as they were properly cared for. It’s better than them dying and I believe they were outside dogs before I found them anyways.”


Original article:

It looks like Daisy and Duke have run out of luck. The pair of young, healthy, bonded boxer mixes were found running down a highway last year, and were taken to Marion County Animal Services in Florida. Brittini Albury, a local Good Sam, was contacted about the pair, and crossposted their intake photos on social media, hoping to get them a new home, rescue or foster. Like many animals who find themselves in kill shelters, through no fault of their own, it looked like these two had quickly reached the end of the line at MCAS.

Ms. Albury wasn’t about to give up on them, and decided to adopt and foster the pair. For the last year she has been trying to find the friendly dogs a new home. But life can change on a dime. According to their Facebook page, Daisy and Duke: The Road to Fur-Ever, on Saturday, the pair had their lives turned upside down. Ms. Albury’s landlord informed her that either Duke and Daisy were permanently relocated to a boarding facility, or she and her entire family would be evicted.


These dogs have done nothing wrong. During the past 12 months, Duke and Daisy spent much of their time at Albury’s home in the small town of Dunnellon, Florida, and some of their time in boarding. Their Facebook page has many photos and videos of the sweet, healthy dogs, who get along with both dogs and cats if the introductions are done slowly. Their current foster mom has been updating their page, but still hasn’t received any rehoming offers.

So Duke and Daisy are now sitting in boarding; they are still looking for their furever home, but Ms. Albury can’t afford to board them on her own. Those well-acquainted with rescue know that it’s never something you get into on a whim. Those who get involved have full hearts, but frequently empty bank accounts. The boarding facility is giving her a huge discount, but leaving two dogs in boarding is no life, and they will probably get euthanized should they be taken to MCAS, a high kill shelter.


Ms. Albury is pursuing every avenue available to find them a new furever home, but does not have the funds to keep them at the boarding facility. She’s put up a YouCaring fundraiser found on this link, to help alleviate some of the costs, which mount every day that they are boarded. She’s hoping there are still some Good Sam’s out there who will hear her plea and assist with the approximately $400 per month needed to board the dogs, or, better yet, find them a rescue, foster, sanctuary or adopter who will open their heart and home to Duke and Daisy. For transparency in the fundraiser, she’s submitted a copy of the latest boarding bill to Examiner, who included it in the slideshow, so potential donors can see for themselves the cost to board the pair.


To have Daisy and Duke end up back at MCAS would break their hearts. Ms. Albury recently contacted a number of rescues and sanctuaries, and has had no response. Examiner was asked to help get the word out about these wonderful siblings. They are between two-and-three-years old and heartworm negative. According to Ms. Albury, Daisy is very uncertain about other dogs and displays that as aggression but she is just fearful and needs time to adjust. Duke has separation anxiety and can chew and damage so he will need an extra-strong, sturdy kennel and, if possible, some training to work with his anxiety. Ms. Albury can sponsor their food and flea/tick medication if anyone is willing to foster them. If you can help, please contact Ms. Albury directly at adoptdaisynduke@gmail.com. Her cell is 352-615-0105. If you can donate any amount to their boarding, and don’t want to use the fundraiser, please use the Paypal poohbear1439@aol.com. Please share their story, so that their short lives don’t come to a sudden end.




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