Dog breeder arrested for animal cruelty

A Florida woman was arrested today and charged with 28 counts of cruelty to animals. According to WPTV, the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s department, acting on a tip, arrested 65-year-old Beverly Louise Shott, after they entered her home and found several animals living in deplorable conditions.

According to the Sheriff, animal feces was caked into the rugs, rats were roaming the house and 28 mature dogs and puppies were running through the home. In the arrest affidavit, a detective wrote, “The smell was very overwhelming.” In the kitchen, “you couldn’t walk without stepping in dog feces.” Reportedly, the carpeted parts of the home had a layer of feces one-to-two inches thick. The dogs, which appear to be mostly dachshunds, were seized by Animal Care & Control and turned over to the St. Lucie County Humane Society. A veterinarian there checked the dogs out and found that all of them were infested with fleas and worms.

Reports confirm that Ms. Shott was breeding the dogs at her residence and selling them through a business she owned. She’s being held in St. Lucie County Jail on a $28,000 bond. The Humane Society is holding the dogs pending the outcome of the case. The dogs are not yet posted on the shelter’s Facebook page.


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