Florida Sheriff’s deputy shoots dog in face while dog sat in owner’s truck

A Florida resident is facing veterinary bills upwards of $1,300 after a Charlotte County Sheriff’s deputy walked up to his dog and shot him in the face. According to NBC, the events unfolded on January 24, when a pair of sheriff’s deputies pulled up to Dan Rexrode’s home in Port Charlotte, seeking a woman on whom they wanted to serve an arrest warrant.


Reportedly, one of the deputies approached Rexrode asking about the woman, whose name was unfamiliar to Rexrode. At the same time, the second deputy walked up the resident’s driveway towards the truck in which his two dogs, Buford and Sadie, were sitting. Buford, a 10-month-old puppy, began to bark at that deputy; Rexrode and the first deputy came around the side of the truck and then, according to Rexrode, “the cop looked at me and shot my dog.” Buford then jumped out of the truck, and the deputy ran into the street. Buford ran to the edge of the driveway and stopped without entering the street.

Rexrode states that there was no reason for the deputy to shoot Buford, that the dog was not attacking the officer. If the deputy was frightened, he could have yelled at the dog, he could have tased it, he could have maced it. Rexrode has multiple signs posted on his property which read ‘private property – no trespassing,’ and ‘beware of dog.’ The Sheriff’s deputy could not have missed the signage while walking up the driveway towards the truck.

The CCSO has a different view of the incident, claiming that the deputy was forced to shoot an aggressive pit bull because it attacked; however they have not released on official statement. Commenters on the CCSO Facebook page are angry, stating “I guess armed cops in Charlotte County don’t get enough target practice.” Some neighbors state that the deputy went too far. Other neighbors, who wish to remain anonymous, claim the dogs are aggressive. Sadie, the dog who was not shot, looks less like a pit bull than Buford, who is not, in fact, a pit bull. He is a bull mastiff. Buford is currently walking with a limp following the shooting, but he will survive his injuries. Rexrode is left wondering why, five minutes after exiting his home, a cop shot his dog in the face.


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