Fun and easy way to help socialize and exercise shelter pets

Volunteers are the grease that keep the wheels rolling in animal shelters throughout the country, and this week is National Volunteer Week. By joining in the Marion County Pack Walk, you’ll be helping out the animals, the shelter staff and those overworked and unpaid volunteers who devote their time, and their hearts, to helping dogs who are anxiously sitting at shelters like these, waiting for their chance for a new home. A dog who may be sad and withdrawn behind the bars of a run will blossom outside in the fresh air, and their true personality will shine like the sun.

It’s an easy way to help a shelter dog, and meet some like-minded humans. The event runs on the fourth Sunday of every month. All of the dogs are available for long-term adoption but you can also “adopt” a dog for the morning and take it for a walk with the group. For only a small amount of time you can make a huge difference in the life of a shelter animal. Hikers and walkers are welcome to join the group even if they do not want to hold a leash. Please note, only visitors 16 years or older may walk a shelter dog. Here’s a link to the complete list of simple requirements to join the Walk. For more information regarding any fees for park admission, please contact the Ranger Station, 352-236-7148 ext. 4. The event is located in the Central region at Silver Springs State Park 1425 NE 58th Avenue Ocala, FL 34470. Participants should enter the park through the main entrance located at 5656 East Silver Springs Boulevard/State Road 40.

Check out this link to the photos from March’s Easter Sunday Pack Walk! If you’d like to volunteer with Marion County Animal Services, here’s the link. If you’re not in the area, please contact your local Animal Shelter to see if they have a Pack Walk program like this one in your neck of the woods; if not, you can help get one started!40ef73fe592d597a32cc0c6ea9a06b91.jpg


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