Guilty: Katharine Lemansky, taped dogs mouth, found guilty of animal cruelty

The infamous Katharine Lemansky, the subject of a national manhunt after she posted the photo of her dog with its mouth taped shut on Facebook in November, was found guilty of animal cruelty today in a Wake County, North Carolina courtroom.

According to 6ABC, witnesses from Cary Animal Control in North Carolina said Lemansky admitted to taping the muzzle of her chocolate lab named “Brown” and posting the photo. That photo with the caption “This is what happens when you dont shut up!!!” quickly went viral and spawned a hunt for Lemansky, AKA Katie Brown, up and down the East Coast of the U.S. Lemanksy was reported to be a South Daytona, Florida resident, and thousands of phonecalls inundated the South Daytona Police Department. The Supervisor reported to this Examiner that calls came in from 40 states and two Canadian provinces, almost shutting down their phone system.

Lemansky was located in Cary and the legal process against her began. In court, Lemansky stated that she accidentally posted the photo to Facebook, and only meant to send it to her son. She claimed the duct tape was on the dog for only 15-20 seconds. She admitted the dog was not bothering neighbors with its barking. The prosecutor found that the tape caused pain to the dog and the court agreed, sentencing Lemansky to a year of supervised probation. Advocates will be upset to hear that the sentence was suspended and Lemansky will only have to pay court fees.0d4282423524415aa46d30aa618a092f.png


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