Heartbreaking discovery: Dog dumped in cemetery, every bone in its body broken

The BBC reported today that a small scruffy terrier found dumped in a cemetery on January 23 in Wirral, a peninsula in North West England, had to be humanely euthanized. When the male dog was examined by the vets at the RSPCA, John Littlewood, one of the animal welfare officers, found it to be the most severely injured dog he had ever come across. The abandoned dog, who the vets named Elmo, must have been suffering for years.

Dog found in cemetery, all its bones broken – who did this??? Courtesy, RSPCA, Facebook

When first discovered in the bushes in a remote part of the cemetery, Elmo’s condition was very disturbing. At first inspection, his fur was severely matted, he was covered in urine and feces and was thought to have two broken legs. When he was taken to the RSPCA for further vetting, it was discovered that every bone in his little body had been broken. All four of his legs were broken in numerous places, both hip bones were broken as well as bones in his shoulders, pelvis, wrist, feet and toes. It appeared as if the injuries had been from previous incidents that had been left untreated.

The RSPCA has released photos of the animal hoping that the images will lead to information to help catch the sadistic torturer. Officials believe he was dumped and left to die in the cold, as there is no way he could have dragged himself into the area in which he was found. Said the officer,

“It’s difficult to imagine the pain and suffering the poor little dog has endured.”

Though the day after he was found, the little dog was thought to be responding to treatment, and getting comfortable at the vets, the following day, RSPCA Wirral released this statement on their Facebook page:

“The branch is sorry to say Elmo is no longer with us. We took advice from several local vets who all looked at the x-rays and advised us that he cannot be saved, the extent of his injuries were too extreme. We tried and wanted to help him, as we knew we would have a lot of public support, funds were not the issue. RIP Elmo.”

Anyone with information on the dog’s owner or the circumstances in which it was found should call the RSPCA at 0300 1234 999 and leave a message for animal welfare officer John Littlewood.

Another little star in the heavens. Be at peace, little Elmo.0235d1ef8c67679d5c530761955f3779edfa851f94a651178ab3391e8f1e7104eff6c3233d8460ae60eab34b094254ce



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