Hero German Shepherd recovers from snake bite, dog returns to Tampa family

A German Shepherd credited with protecting a little girl from being bitten by a venomous rattlesnake left the veterinary hospital on Thursday and is back with his family in Tampa, Florida. Ten days ago, Haus the dog was bitten three times by an Eastern diamondback rattlesnake. The DeLuca family believes the brave two-year-old dog spied the snake in the backyard and pounced repeatedly on it so it wouldn’t bite seven-year-old Molly.

The family rushed the injured animal to BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Tampa, where he was treated with multiple vials of anti-venom. For a while it was touch-and-go; they weren’t sure if he was going to make it. This GoFundMepage was put up to cover the mounting veterinary bills, and five days ago Ms. DeLuca stated “Haus is overall progressing. He unfortunately still has venom in his blood… Dr. said this is not a set back.”5ac2ca3b6ab661790cc6ab650047ffdd

Dr. Danielle Pollio, one of the treating physicians, was ecstatic that Haus made it through and recovered enough from the ordeal to be released back to his family. “As a veterinarian, this is why I do my job. To have a very severely injured, critically ill patient that makes it out of the hospital and gets to go home.” Haus acquired a huge following, and his GoFundMe was filled twice over. The DeLuca family is so grateful to Haus’s supporters that they are paying it forward and donating some of Haus’s unused funds to local rescues, including Franki’s Friends and Heidi’s Legacy Dog Rescue, in Lithia, Florida. The family even included this link to a fundraiser for Heidi’s Legacy; please click and take a look at some of the wonderful dogs they have for adoption.

Lori Hoffman, President of Heidi’s Legacy, tells Examiner that she’s thrilled at Haus’ recovery, though he still faces further medical treatment in the weeks ahead.

“After a snakebite, he’s not out of the woods, and they’re keeping a close eye on him. He will need surgery because of the necrotic tissue surrounding the bite when he recovers more fully.”

Ms. Hoffman also believes in ‘paying it forward’. When they have the ability to help other rescues or animals in need, Heidi’s Legacy always steps up to the plate. The good news doesn’t end there. Today, PETA recognized Haus’ feat and awarded him their Heroic Dog Award in recognition of his brave action. There are still heroes and angels among us, in many forms.


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