Neglected for a lifetime, dog leads Good Sam to his home to save his fur family

After suffering a lifetime of neglect, sometimes a dog just has to take control of his own destiny. This is the story of Bagel and Chloe, two senior dogs, and their cat-brother from another mother, Toby. The trio may not have been here to tell their tale if they hadn’t also been helped by a Good Sam, who refused to turn the other way. And now this trio, who volunteers have named the ‘Islip Three‘, are hoping against hope that there is a loving furever home to give them the haven they have earned.

A few months ago, pet advocate Debbie Davidson spied Bagel, a bedraggled Chow mix, sitting on the sidewalk near the busy streets of Central Islip, a small town on Long Island. It was obvious to Debbie that this dog was in terrible condition. When Bagel was led back into his house, Debbie followed the owner’s daughter and kept asking her why he was in such poor condition. The woman also kept calling the dog ‘she’, even though it was apparent that Bagel was male, saying ‘she was fine and ate fine.’ She may have just misspoke, but it set off more warning bells with Ms. Davidson.

Finally, the woman told the truth, that her father had been asking people on the street to take his pets. Debbie asked to see the others, so the woman showed her both Chloe and Toby. The condition of this pair further alarmed Ms. Davidson. She then contacted another local animal advocate, Eddie. Together they convinced the family to stop asking people on the street to take the animals. They promised they would get them medical assistance, to which the family agreed. Sometimes, instead of having owners face charges of neglect, rescuers bite the bullet and go the fastest route – just find help for the animals.

Ms. Davidson got on Facebook with the photos of the trio and started crossposting for help. Her pleas were answered by Pets4Luv Foundation who, working together with Road to Home Rescue Support, could just not say no. They were pulled from the home 24 hours after the notice for help went up.

Bagel may have just saved the lives of his furfamily. It is apparent from the slideshow that Bagel, a 13-year-old Chow mix, Chloe, an eight-to-nine-year-old German Shepherd and Toby, a five-year-old cat were living together in neglect for years. The dogs were about 20 pounds underweight, with severe skin and ear infections that had been left untreated for so long that their skin had blackened and hardened.

Toby was suffering from partial paralysis in his hindquarters, with an unknown cause. Yet, like most animals, all three continued to love unconditionally. And, as happens too often, that love was repaid by neglect.

Now their luck was finally turning. Bagel and Chloe’s initial treatment was donated by local veterinarians who work with the rescue. Actor William deVry from tv’s General Hospital and Hemlock Grove posted this out on Twitter,

“This Family of 2 dogs & 1 Cat Had been neglected for years. Now they need your help to recover.”

This fundraiser to help care for their additional care was launched. Many people are hesitant to donate to fundraisers. As you can see, this one is fully transparent regarding the accumulated charges, with frequent updates.

All three are doing much better. Toby was diagnosed with Medial Patella Luxation and required surgery on both knees. He’s already had one successful surgery, and the rescue is anticipating replicating that success as soon as he’s up to it. You can read more of Toby’s story on the fundraiser, or here, on the webpage that Debbie created for them.

On Friday, Pets4Luv posted these new photos of Bagel and Chloe on Facebook and here on their webpage, where you can read more about them. Check out Chloe’s video link in the story to see how great she looks now! They are thrilled to report that both dogs are infection and worm free, though they both need to put on more weight before additional testing. All three have responded wonderfully to the TLC they’ve been receiving and seek lots of attention from their volunteer humans.

Please share their story. Pets4Luv, Road to Home and all their supporters, including Elyse Giurco, Dave Bernacchi and Trish Lane, who brought the story of the Islip Three to this Examiner, would love to make their senior years really super.

Bagel and Chloe are very bonded, and need a home together. The rescue would love to have Toby join them, but that’s not a necessity. The main requirement is LOVE. One click, one share. You never know where it will lead. Pets4Luv Foundation is located in Westbury, NY and can be reached at (516) 832-8200. You can also contact Elyse or Dave at with any inquiries regarding the Islip Three.


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