Puppy pair horribly neglected and dumped like trash, one has already passed away

They’re not even five months old, and veterinarians believe they had been suffering like this for more than ten weeks. According to WLTX, this pair of puppies were found on Saturday, severely neglected and dumped on the side of the road like trash. They were given the names Eli and Ella by Second Chance of Orangeburg Animal Rescue Coalition in Orangeburg, South Carolina, the group who was notified and immediately came to their aid.

The pictures are very difficult to look at. However the rescue wants everyone to take a good look, and please help them find who did this. There is a monster out there, and they must be found and held accountable for their actions, or, in this case, their inaction. The tykes were in such poor condition the rescue had no idea even what breed they were. The list of their infections is endless: demodex, a serious secondary skin infection with pustules, yeast infections in both ears, and hook worms. Their young age, and the extent of the infections indicate they had been in this condition since they were only six weeks old.

Though the puppies were rushed to the veterinarian in Columbia on Saturday, today the rescue released the sad news that one of the puppies didn’t make it. Though they had received the best of care, were treated and released, and appeared to be one paw on the road to recovery, little Eli suffered a setback from which he could not recover. He was rushed back to the ER, having difficulty breathing and coughing up blood. His short life ended Sunday afternoon.

“We lost Eli at approximately 2:50 today. Please continue to pray for Ella and please now more than ever let’s find the person responsible for this and find justice for these puppies.”

Volunteers are heartbroken. If you have any information on this case, please contact Animal Control at 803-534-0045. The Coalition is a companion animal fostering program working directly with Orangeburg County Animal Control to help save the lives of animals in that local killshelter. If you can donate anything towards the care of little Ella, who is still recovering, and in the care of a volunteer, please do. She may have had her vision affected by the horrible festering infections, only time will tell. Currently her skin is so swollen it looks like it’s melting and her stomach was full of sand…that’s all she had to eat. To donate, please click on this link found on their website, Second Chance Of Orangeburg Animal Rescue Coalition, or mail any donation directly to Second Chance, P.O. Box 1446, Orangeburg SC 29116.


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