Safe! Dog looking for miracle: Kayla lost her home, now she’ll lose her life

Some dogs are just continually overlooked. No matter how many times they’re crossposted on social media, no matter how many donations they have for their rescue, no matter how cute their photos. They still don’t catch a break. This is the case for Kayla, a three-year-old spayed mixed breed who has been waiting patiently at Orange County Animal Services in Orlando, Florida, for one month. And her time at the shelter is slated to end on Sunday, June 19.

Kayla lost her home due to a housefire. She was surrendered to the shelter by her owners, instead of across the street at Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. PAGO is the recommended shelter in Orlando to drop off your own pet if you want to give them more time to find a home when you no longer want them, or when circumstances don’t allow you to keep them. PAGO is not a city-run shelter and will keep your unwanted pet alive for a longer time than OCAS. OCAS, though they try very hard to keep adoptable animals around as long as possible, are still a kill shelter. No animal stays forever; some have much shorter stays than others. Most local residents and pet owners, unfortunately, don’t know the difference between the two facilities, and it can be the blind luck as to where an animal may find themselves when an owner drives up the road. Right now, local Orlando area rescues are very full, so any animal’s chances of finding a temporary home with a rescue/foster, and that includes Kayla’s, are very slim.

Sadly, Kayla’s family must not have given her preventative for heartworms, because she tested heartworm positive at the shelter. If left untreated, this will sicken and eventually take the life of a dog. But Kayla does have a chance for happiness, due to a local group who is sponsoring her heartworm treatment. LoveyLoaves Rescue has stepped up to the plate, and, through their Healing Hearts program, Kayla’s heartworm disease treatment will be offered free of charge to an adopter. Please consider bringing this wonderful dog into your home.

Please look at Kayla. Her ID number is A346860, she’s in room no.: WD40. Her Netpets link is here. Kayla’s link to the LoveyLoaves Healing Hearts program is here. Please contact OCAS at (407)836-3111 for information; they are at 2769 Conroy Rd., Orlando, Florida. If you can’t adopt her, please share her on social media; OCAS has made it easy to share on every platform. You’ll see the sharing buttons below every animal’s photo.kayla


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