Update: Dog left with note, ‘help Genie, she needs surgery I can’t afford

UPDATE June 2, 2016: Copied from the Tampa Bay website! BIG NEWS! Friday, June 3, is going to be a big day for our Genie. Her custom wheels are in and she is going to be ADOPTED! Genie’s new Mom is what we like to call a “Foster Failure”- after fostering Genie since the middle of May she has fallen and love and is making her an official part of the family! Genie’s wheel fitting and adoption will take place at 9:00am on Friday, June 3, at the shelter (3607 N. Armenia Avenue. Media is invited to attend. Media contact: 813-785-6922. On site media contact for June 3: Pam Backer

Update May 9: The Humane society will be trying to find a new forever home for Genie. But it could be a few more weeks until she can be adopted, because her condition is still being evaluated. On Saturday, HSTB posted that her condition has not yet improved, so she was sent to a specialist for a mylegram, which is similar to an MRI. Check back for future updates! Original article follows.

Early this morning, a small brown and black dog named ‘Genie’ was found on the doorstep of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay (HSTB), in Florida, along with a heartbreaking note from her owner. If you read the note, it’s easy to see how hard her owner tried to help her, until it was simply beyond their means to do so. The note begins, “Please help my Genie. Genie is paralyzed from I believe her hips to her hind legs.”d1f93ea3c0e972139debe74b985317d9.jpg

Though her owner tried to manage her condition with medication, and there is no way of knowing for how long they tried, they came to the realization that surgery might be called for. Surgery which was beyond the owner’s means. Her desperate and brokenhearted owner believed Genie’s best chance for recovery was to bring her to the Humane Society. The note continued, “I tried to manage her pain with medication from her vet but they only ease her pain and she needs surgery.” The note concludes,

“I cannot afford so I ask that the Animal Health Center heal her and find her a loving forever home. Thank you.”

Caregivers at HSTB believe she hasn’t been paralyzed for long because she has no calluses on her legs. X-rays show no broken bones. They say she’s extremely sweet and loving. However, she can’t wag her tail or find her feet since she’s paralyzed from the waist down. It may have resulted from something as simple as a fall off a bed. Unless the owner comes forward, they’ll never know exactly what happened to little Genie, who they believe is about two-years-old. But HSTB are committed to helping her, and are reaching out to the community for help. If you would like to donate to Genie’s care, please click on this link.

Though they may not be able to heal the broken heart of her distraught human, with help from the public, they may be able to help this little girl feel better. They promise to care for Genie, and do their best to “mend her body and her grieving heart, give her a second chance and find her a loving home.” Genie may need a cart to assist her in walking – only time will tell. In addition, although the Humane Society has no idea who the owner is, since Genie was left after hours, should the owner come forward the caregivers at HSTB state that they are ‘more than happy to work with them.’ Please check their Facebook link here for updates!


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