Update – Handsome Chance, deaf dog, needs understanding rescue

Update: Chance was reclaimed by his owner today, Friday. They were hoping for a rescue to step up who had experience with deaf dogs, but that didn’t happen, This Examiner has friends in the same area where the dog lives who have a deaf dog, so we’ll see if we can get them together. The owners were stuck on how to train him, but didn’t want him to be PTS, so they took him home.

Imagine being in a strange place, with strange smells, and not being able to hear anything that’s going on around you. That’s what has happened to Chance, a handsome three-year-old boy who has found himself at Orange County Animal Services in Orlando, Florida. This mixed breed arrived at the shelter on Monday, January 4, and, according to his listing, Chance’s last day may be Wednesday, January 20, so he is especially urgent. Rescue coordinators sent out a plea for Chance today to their rescue partners, hoping that he’ll get his second chance. He is currently in the isolation area of the shelter and is not available for adoption. He must be taken in by a rescue.


Handsome Chance, courtesy, OCAS


Chance came to the shelter as part of a confiscation case. His shelter notes say that some blood was drawn, but keep in mind that he is deaf. Chances are that he was startled and lightly bit someone; the rescue coordinators would not be trying to save his life and posted him out to rescue partners if it had been a serious bite. According to his evaluation, he is very calm, and is quite shy until he gets to trust his handler. Once he is comfortable, he thrives on the attention. He loves being petted and is a leaner – he’ll sit next to you and just not move. He has no problems with other dogs, male or female. But since he is currently in isolation, his interactions with other dogs are very limited, as is his exposure to anyone walking through the kill shelter. The public are not allowed to walk through the shelter’s isolation area unescorted. Most visitors to the shelter don’t even know that area exists, and unless they are looking for a lost dog, they don’t ask to get escorted into isolation.

Chance completed his quarantine period and has already been neutered, so he is ready to join your rescue provided you are an OCAS rescue partner. He has not yet been tested for heartworms. Please help this boy, who has so many strikes against him. His photo does not do him justice; he is much more handsome in person, and looks so defeated here. His ID number is A338680, and he is in Room number WDI36. If you are interested in Chance, please contact Kristin at Rescue.Coordinator@ocfl.net. The phone number for the shelter is 407-836-3111. They are located at 2769 Conroy Road in Orlando, Florida. If you are not a rescue partner, please share his story by clicking on this link. OCAS has provided every sharing button for you on the link including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and more. If you would like to become a rescue partner of the shelter, which is highly encouraged as the shelter is quite rescue-friendly, here in blue is the link that provides all the information needed.

Deaf dogs are just like any other dog, only a little more special, as you can read in articles like this one. There are a number of organizations that can assist you with information on training and living with a hearing impaired dog including Deaf Dogs Rock and The Deaf Dog Network, so there’s lots of support out there! There is even supporthere for deaf cats as well. Dogs like Chance can adapt to the right home environment, can be taught many hand signals, and provide you with just as much love as a dog that will hear you call their name. Please give Chance his chance, before it’s too late.



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