UPDATE: Heartbreaking video, Violet crying at the shelter, will anyone hear her?

UPDATE: SAFE!!!!!! THANK YOU Sophie’s Circle Dog Rescue FOR SAVING HER LIFE!!! Freedom pix posted in comment section below.

This video, posted on Sunday by Kimberly Doyle, who crossposts bully breeds in need for Pits Are Worth Saving (P.A.W.S) will tear your heart out. Violet is a four-year-old brindle girl, and she seems to just know that her time at Orange County Animal Services in Orlando, Florida, has come to an end. She’s friendly, she’s beautiful and, according to OCAS records, she was due out on February 13, so she’s past due at this kill shelter. Violet is also heartworm positive, which may be discouraging potential adopters.


Violet is literally begging for her life in the video. As Ms. Doyle neared her cage, her cries softened, but did not abate. Will anybody hear her plea? Ms. Doyle and the volunteers at OCAS certainly hope so. They’re giving adopters and rescues every opportunity to step up for Violet and all of the animals in their care. This month, in honor of Valentine’s day and the love that pets bring to your life, the shelter has waived established adoption fees for all cats and dogs. According to their website, it’s up to adopters to decide how much they believe bringing a new best friend into their home is worth. Whatever you choose to pay will be taken as a donation for the shelter. Adoption fees include sterilization, vaccinations, and a pet microchip. It’s one sweetheart of a deal.


Here is Violet’s webpage. Her Animal ID is A340829, and her kennel is WD32.

Please watch Violet’s video, and look at her photos. She has a sponsor for her heartworm treatment. She has donations available for a reputable rescue group. Here is the link to Violet’s main thread on Facebook. For information on these donations, please contactP.A.W.S. They are not affiliated with any shelter; their purpose is to post bully breeds in hope of saving their lives. Their email address is PawsCrossposting@gmail.com. OCAS is not responsible for keeping track of or collecting any donations, so please don’t ask them about those. If you’re a rescue but not yet a rescue partner with OCAS, please become one. You can contact OCAS Rescue Coordinator, Kristin Tsukamoto, at (407) 254-9143, or by email atRescue.Coordinator@ocfl.net, for details.

In addition to waiving set adoption fees for all dogs and cats, this month, heartworm positive dogs like Violet are also free to adopt. But if you adopt an animal with heartworms, please be sure that you can afford the costs involved for treating the disease. This disease is transmitted via mosquitoes to dogs who are not taking a heartworm preventative and can be fatal if not treated. Treatment costs vary based on the size of the dog and the severity of the heartworms. Shelter dogs like Violet, who have heartworm disease, have a much more difficult time finding a home because of the cost associated with treatment. By waiving the adoption fees for these dogs, Animal Services hopes to alleviate some of the cost of the medical treatment for the new adopting family. Speak to a veterinarian to learn more about treatment options and costs. Many dogs, if treated correctly, and are on monthly preventatives, remain heartworm free for the rest of their lives, with no side effects. This Examiner adopted a dog who stole her heart, even after learning that he had been treated for heartworms. When he became her new furever friend, he had been declared heartworm free by the adopting rescue, and with monthly medication, she hopes he stays free and clear.

OCAS Pet Rescue & Adoption Center is located at 2769 Conroy Road, Orlando, FL 32839-2162. For adoption questions, if you’re not a rescue, please email AnimalServices@ocfl.net, or call (407) 836-3111.


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