Victory: K9 Ajax and retired officer staying together for purchase price of $1

It was announced today, February 4, that retired officer Matt Hickey will be allowed to purchase his K9 partner, Ajax, for the princely sum of $1. Hickey says he’s “speechless and very grateful” that he gets to keep Ajax. According to a report from WTAP, a press conference was held today that detailed the terms of the purchase.


Officials from the City of Marietta were searching for ‘any and all legal means to effectuate Officer Matt Hickey’s retention of K9 Ajax.’ According to the statement from Paul Bertram, the Law Director, the sale was simplified when it was determined that if their ‘canine unit’ were disbanded, the officer assigned to the dog could purchase that dog for $1.00. Since Officer Hickey retired from the force, though it was not time to retire K9 Ajax because the dog was still able to serve the community, the City chose to disband this unit, thereby allowing the partners to stay together and enjoy their retirement.

This Examiner has been closely following the story, with multiple, accurate reports. The Care2 petition site, which has nearly reached their goal of 180,000 supporters, just posted the news on their site. The GoFundMe initially created to provide Matt Hickey with enough funds to bid and win Ajax in an auction, if it had come to that, has now reached over $71,000 in donations. Today the GoFundMe update stated that since Ajax can officially be purchased by Hickey for just $1.00, ‘all but $1 that we raised today will be going to Vested Interest in K9’s Inc.’ Corey Orr, the creator of the fund, ‘will confer with Matt here in a little bit to decide when to take the page down, whether that be immediately or at a later time.’ Further, Orr states,

“I want to personally thank EVERYONE that has donated either by money or by helping out you’ve all been a great help to the success of everything we’ve done.”

Ms. Sandy Marcal, President and Founder of Vested Interest in K9’s, Inc., told Examiner they are “Very happy that Officer Hickey and Ajax are going to remain together, and what an incredible effort by the entire country in just a few days. We are more than grateful for the generosity that will allow us to provide many vests for K9’s in need.” Vested Interest in K9’s, Inc. is a nationwide nonprofit. They are able to donate one K9 vest for every $1,050 raised. These vests are bullet and stab-protected, and made in the U.S.A. If you are interested in learning more about how to support this organization and the K9’s they assist, please click here.

We congratulate retired officer Hickey on his success in retaining his friend and partner, and thank the City of Marietta, Ohio, for finding a viable solution to this situation. If you have any comments, the City is asking that you email


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