Yorkie, missing for ten years, reunited with surprised and grateful family

A Houston couple gave a South Miami resident the biggest surprise of her life this week. KTRK reported on Monday that a teacup Yorkshire terrier named Ginger, who had been missing for ten years, was reunited with Yajaira Fuentes, thanks to an active, registered microchip and two angels from Texas.


Ms. Katherine Fraser writes a blog called The Sage Leopard, and had written a story on January 18 about her boyfriend, Byron, finding a little lost Yorkie. The dog ran under his pickup truck near a busy road. He got out, put the scared pup in the car, and Ms. Fraser brought it to the vet. The vet scanned the little lost girl, who was found with a bow in her hair, but no collar, and the scanner alerted. The microchip company was contacted, and they tracked down Ms. Fuentes in Miami, ten years after she originally registered Ginger with the service.

Said Ms. Fraser, Ms. Fuentes was “shocked that Ginger was in Texas.” Ms. Fraser was shocked that little Ginger had been missing for ten years without a vet checking for a chip. No one knows who had Ginger for the past decade. On Sunday, with the assistance of a caring staffer from United PetSafe, Ms. Fuentes paid to have her beloved dog put on a United Airlines jet. She quickly and safely reached the arms of Ms. Fuentes who is very thankful to have her dog back. Her skin and hair are a mess, she has tumors on her little body, and her road to full recovery will be long, but Ms. Fuentes is not complaining. Ginger accidentally escaped from her yard when her children were small; how she got from Florida to Texas remains a mystery, but we’re sure she’s happy to be home.


2 thoughts on “Yorkie, missing for ten years, reunited with surprised and grateful family

  1. Wow! Moral of the story: microchip your dogs.
    Sounds as though little Ginger was found and used in a puppy mill for breeding.


    1. Wow, you may be right! That never occurred to me about being used for breeding. I just thought she wasn’t cared for very well for a long time. If only they could talk. BTW, I saw that Cheryl and Penny are together on the same publication now. And you hooked up with some old friends! Good to see familiar faces. Ciao amico mio!


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