Gator pair found dining on dead body in Florida canal

May 30, 2016

A pair of fishermen had encountered the tableau, and notified the local police department. The gators appeared mostly unperturbed by the officer’s interruption of their dinner, refusing to leave the scene. The toothsome duo lingered near their meal, while officers called for reinforcements, having reservations about approaching the hungry reptiles. A dive team and a trapper from Florida Fish and Wildlife were called in to assist.

The body was recovered late in the evening; reports do not indicate whether or not the gators were left where they were found. Authorities are investigating to determine the identity of the victim, along with the actual cause of death, which is probably not attributable to the gators. At this time, it is also unknown exactly how long the body had been in the canal.

Gators usually seek prey much smaller than themselves, but, given the opportunity, they will attack larger prey as well. It’s that time of year in Florida when gators are the most active, though, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the likelihood of being seriously injured by one is only one in 2.4 million.


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