Cat Killing Vet Temporarily Loses License, Animal Advocates Very Disappointed

Kristen Lindsey, Courtesy Alley Cat Allies, and Tiger, Courtesy, FacebookKristen Lindsey, Courtesy Alley Cat Allies, and Tiger, Courtesy, Facebook


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Tuesday’s decision by the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners to suspend self-proclaimed cat-killer Kristen Lindsey’s license to practice veterinary medicine for one year has left animal advocates and animal welfare groups such as Alley Cat Allies and the Animal Legal Defense Fund extremely disappointed, viewing it as a simply a “slap on the wrist.”

The TX decision comes months after Lindsey, a veterinarian in that state, purposely shot a cat named Tiger through the head in April 2015, using a bow and arrow, and killed it. Lindsey then posted a photo of her ‘kill’ on social media, boasting:

“My first bow kill. Lol. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through it’s (sic) head! Vet of the year award … gladly accepted.”


Tiger, Courtesy - Facebook
Tiger, Courtesy – Facebook

Advocates were outraged and demanded that Lindsey’s license to practice be revoked.  Her employer, Washington Animal Clinic, fired her. Her defense was that she thought it was a stray cat, and that other residents in the town frequently act in the same manner.  The Texas board argued that Tiger was owned and killed without his owner’s consent.  Lindsey’s lawyer claimed that the case only came to court because “we live in a social media age,” dismissing the veterinarian’s obvious intent behind the killing.



The response to Tuesday’s sentence, from Misty Christo, Alley Cat Allies’ lead attorney on the case, was swift:

“Only a permanent revocation of Kristen Lindsey’s license is an acceptable ruling given the level of contempt for animals she has demonstrated.”

And from ALDF:

“Allowing Ms. Lindsey to continue to practice veterinary medicine in the future puts animals in the community at great risk, and taints the good name of the trusted veterinary profession.”


Kristen Lindsey and her attorney, Brian Bishop. Courtesy, Alley Cat Allies
Kristen Lindsey and her attorney, Brian Bishop. Courtesy, Alley Cat Allies

Click the photo above to watch the response from Alley Cat Allies!

Following the Texas board’s decision, Lindsey’s attorney, Brian Bishop, stated that he and his client were immediately appealing the ruling, being “disappointed” in the board’s “suspension of Dr. Lindsey’s license based on an action that had nothing to do with the practice of veterinary medicine.”

“she did what she did to protect her property… from a free-roaming animal that was trespassing.”

So, by the reasoning of Dr. Lindsey and her attorney, when the animal involved is not one of your patients, ‘do no harm’ does not apply…..

As it now stands, the one-year suspension will be followed by probation for another four years.  When the suspension is lifted, Lindsey will again be able to practice veterinary medicine.


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