Pennsylvania Bill Increases Punishment For Animal Abuse

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Two Paws Up, PA!  Courtesy, Imgur PsBattleTwo Paws Up, PA! Courtesy, Imgur PsBattle

A bill finally flying through official halls in the State of Pennsylvania is sure to have animal advocates cheering, and it’s one that should make a huge difference in the lives of animals there.  This bill, which was approved last week by every member of the Senate, will prevent convicted animal abusers from receiving their pets back from an animal society or association!

Kiva is tickled! The proposed PA bill (H.B. 869) will also dramatically increase the penalties incurred by animal abusers in that state.  The new laws gained momentum after the discovery of little Libre, the Boston Terrier puppy from Lancaster County, who endured horrible suffering at the hands of his breeder/owner.

The bill was sponsored by State Rep. Ryan Bizzarro, D-Erie, who said “there is a lot of stress to animals when they are allowed to return to their abusers and it places the animal in grave danger.   Anyone convicted of abusing an animalshould not be afforded the opportunity to resume the abuse.”


The PA House had already passed the original version of the bill, and the Senate made the bill even stronger, with these additional penalties:

  • Anyone who knowingly or recklessly abuses, mistreats or neglects an animal will face a citation upon first offense and a misdemeanor for subsequent offenses.
  • Anyone who commits aggravated animal cruelty that results in serious bodily injury to an animal will face a felony charge.

New limits were also set on housing and tethering animals, with stiff violations.  Guide dogs will also be more thoroughly protected, and new language was included to increase protection to horses as well as zoo animals.  Setting out poisons to deliberately injure a dog, cat or horse will not be tolerated, nor will any form of torture. And the penalties don’t vary whether the animal belongs to the abuser or to someone else!

No Nays, All Ayes! Courtesy Freestockphotos
No Nays, All Ayes! Courtesy Freestockphotos

The revised bill is now back in the House, where it is expected to be quickly approved, and then sent on to Governor Wolf’s desk for a signature.

Said Rep. Bizzarro, “The legislature needs to punish abusers a lot more than we do now and we are almost there.” Isn’t it time for every state to be asking their state representatives ‘what about US?’  Here is a link to the bill to help make it happen!


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