‘Invisible’ Shelters – Is There One In Your Community?

Originally published in ShelterMe.TV!

Male labbie available at Putnam #25345Male labbie available at Putnam #25345

Many shelters have a way of upping their presence on social media.  They may have paid staffers who maintain a Facebook or Twitter page.  But what about the shelters we don’t know about, who don’t have the luxury of an extra set of hands and do all they can just to keep the cages clean and the animals fed?

This ShelterMe writer reached out to find shelters like those, and found it akin to finding the needle in a haystack.  How do you find something in social media that isn’t on social media? Quite the dilemma.  But here are a few shelters who ShelterMe was able to find!


Animal Control of West Florida, in Chipley, has a small group of volunteers, Friends of the Chipley Animals, the Chipley Angels Rescue Team.  The Friends tells ShelterMe that there is NO staff available to help cross-post on social media.  The shelter manager does take photos, but, according to the Friends, must ‘do it on her own time.’  Everything else is left to the band of dedicated volunteers.


Luz, an adoptable 3YO bulldogx at Chipley, good w/ dogs and on leash!

This shelter is desperate for assistance with photographing and cross-posting their animals. Volunteers do it all, including ‘Angel’ Sue Bruce, who, for years, has been setting up transports through email correspondence.  This shelter is located at 686 Highway 90, Chipley, FL 32428; their phone is 850-638-2082, email is acowf@att.net.  Here is a link to the animals currently available, and to their Facebook page.


Another shelter in need of help is Putnam County Animal Services, located in Palatka, Florida.  This is a very rural shelter, sitting at the end of a road behind a landfill. Here is a Petfinder link to the animals currently available at this shelter. Others are listed here on Facebook, like the male labbie featured above, who can be found on this link.  Bulldogs and pitties are no longer rescue only at this shelter and are available for adoption to the public!


Fine Felines available at Putnam!
Fine Felines available at Putnam!


Putnam has no physical visibility to the public, with almost no foot traffic. A band of volunteers, the Friends of Putnam County Animal Services, found on this link, would welcome any help you can provide with photos, crossposting, etc.  This shelter is located at 174 County Landfill Road, Palatka, FL 32177.  Their phone is 386-329-0396;, if you call, press 1 after you get the automated message.  Their email is  Animalcontrol@putnam-fl.com.  Please contact them if you’re a rescue looking to become a rescue partner.


Faith, 1YO adoptable feline at Walton County Animal Control, part of a 2-for-1 special on cats!


For years, William Wise, the Director of Walton County Animal Control in Monroe, GA, has also been the shelter photographer, showcasing the animals on Waltonpets.net.  This shelter is assisted with posting photos by the Friends of Walton County Animal Control, an all-volunteer group, found on this link.


This small shelter intakes approximately 200 animals a month.  All the pets at this shelter, who can be seen here or here, can be adopted for just $40, which includes, among other things, vaccinations and deworming. Walton is located at  1411 S. Madison Ave, Monroe, GA 30655, by phone at (770) 267-1322, or by email at wcanimal@co.walton.ga.us.


New York

New York’s Mt. Vernon Animal Shelter, located at 600 Garden Ave. in Mt. Vernon, NY 10550, also has a volunteer-run website, Furbabies of the Mt. Vernon Animal Shelter, who actively posts photos of adoptables. Their animals can also be seen here on Adopt-A-Pet as well as  on Petfinder.

So it looks like these animals have a lot of help – right?  The problem: the shelter is only open three to four hours each day.  11-3 for cats, 11-2 for dogs. That doesn’t give the animals much time to be seen by potential adopters.  And the shelter itself is very small, with only 36 runs – so their time in the shelter is limited as well.

Boo, deaf puppy waiting at Mt. Vernon for a year!
Boo, deaf puppy waiting at Mt. Vernon for a year!

Luckily, they do have extremely dedicated volunteers, who never give up on animals such as Boo, a deaf pittie who came to the shelter 365 days ago, and is still available on this link! Also, some of their cats are showcased at the local Petsmart in Pelham. Mt.Vernon’s phone number is (914) 665-2444.


If you’re in the community that is served by these smaller municipal shelters, or know of one in your area, please contact them and, if you can, offer to post photos of the shelter residents in groups to which you may belong, on Instagram, on Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, etc. Help create a presence for them on Facebook.

ShelterMe.tv invites readers to add to this list to ensure that the animals who come through the door have a way of getting out; that it opens both ways.  If you’re so inclined, share this story, and maybe, just maybe, it will reach the person who can help.

It’s just a small thing, but could pay off in a really big way.


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