Two Days After Amazing Dumpster Rescue, She Gives Birth To Seven Pups

Momma Mary and her new babies, Courtesy, RACC

Originally published in ShelterMe.TV!


From dumpster to delivery!

This weekend, an abandoned dog in Richmond, Virginia had her fate turned 180 degrees, and now the shelter is calling it a ‘Christmas miracle.’

Police received a tip that there was a dog trapped in a dumpster.  Upon arriving on the scene, they found that all of the doors were shut.  Officer Muller jumped INTO the dumpster to rescue the animal, and found a very pregnant pittie shivering in the cold.

She had been left there to die.

Momma Mary, Courtesy, Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center

The pittie, named “Momma Mary” by Richmond Animal Care and Control, was already dripping milk.  She was transported to Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center, and less than two days later, Mary was the proud mom to SEVEN squirming, hungry pups!

Said Christie Chipps Peters, Shelter Director,

“It’s a blessing all around because often times we don’t have a super win. We’ve had a super win.”

Officials believe the fortunate mom is about six years old, and that this wasn’t her first litter.  Momma Mary and her seven bundles of joy had many Secret Santas looking out for her: an anonymous tipster, a brave officer, caring shelter workers and great vet care, who all made for a joyous Noel!  If you’d like to foster the new family, and have a home with no other animals or you have the ability to isolate them from other pets, please email RACC’s foster coordinator at

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