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Macho came to Feeling Fine Canine and Equine Rescue on December 12, transported out of Miami- Dade Animal Services.   In the same condition as so many others taken in by this rescue, Macho arrived emaciated and weak;  he looked as if he’d lost the will to live.

Tracey Godin, President/Founder/Operator of Feeling Fine, and her daughter Caela, along with two volunteers, run the small rescue located in West Palm Beach, Florida. The team knew they’d have a huge medical bill on their hands with his save, but they were willing to take a chance on this sweetheart.

Macho, Courtesy Feeling Fine Canine and Equine Rescue

He was quickly taken to Gardens Animal Hospital, and, after a battery of tests, it was determined that, along with pancreatitis, he had extreme levels of calcium in his blood, indicating cancer.  The vet told them, “he is the worst case of emaciation she has ever seen.”

Macho spent many, many days at the vet, where they carefully monitored his progress. The rescue visited him every day, taking him home whenever possible.

Tracey told ShelterMe, “He spent Christmas with us.” Caela slept on the floor with Macho, hand-feeding him small amounts of chicken.  They asked for prayers to get the boy through.  Most importantly, they all simply loved on him.


Caela Godin and Macho, Courtesy, Feeling Fine Canine and Equine Rescue

On December 25, Feeling Fine posted, “He ate a great breakfast of Chicken and rice and went for a nice walk in the yard. After that he stopped eating.”

Macho, Courtesy Feeling Fine Canine And Equine Rescue

And then, four days later, just 18 days after he came to them, Macho quietly slipped away.

The following day, Tracey’s own mom had surgery.   Tracey tells us,

“Mom met Macho one time at the vet.  She was near him for about 10 mins.  The day of her surgery, she was under anesthesia for over four hours.  After surgery, my mom told my Aunt that while she was sedated, she spoke to my Father in Heaven.  My Father passed away in February of this year.

“In the hospital room, I said, ‘so, I hear Dad visited you?!’  She immediately said, ‘Dad has Macho.’  And repeated it several times.  It was a crazy thing to hear. She met Macho ONE time, for 10 minutes.  

“On my way to the hospital I asked everyone I know in Heaven to keep my mom safe.  They did.  And so did Macho.”

Macho, Courtesy Feeling Fine Canine and Equine

Just 18 days.  In those 18 days Macho touched the hearts of many.  And he’s still looking over them.


Jake, Courtesy Feeling Fine Canine and Equine Rescue

Feeling Fine Canine and Equine Rescue currently cares for these 16 amazing dogs, all looking for furever homes, including Jake, a bait dog whose teeth were all filed down so he could not defend himself.

And Jojo, just 18 months old, who arrived as an almost fur-less puppy, has waited for his new home for over a year.

Jojo, Courtesy Feeling Fine Canine and Equine Rescue

If you’d like to help, please click here. To foster or adopt, please click on this link.

And, like Tracey, please stay #MachoStrong. 

Lisa Blanck


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