Originally published in ShelterMe.tv!

Gertie the pig was a victim of neglect in Johnson City, Tennessee.  She, and other animals, were seized by Animal Control and brought to the city facility.  Concerned that she might be returned to her abuser’s home, Pig Advocates League, a wonderful organization, took up her cause.


According to records,

Gertie was forced to live with no food, no water and a collar – which pigs should not wear – embedded in her neck!   It was so embedded that the AC officer smelled a stench in the air when he arrived on scene… the stench of infection.

A few days after she was taken to AC, Gertie gave birth.  Sadly, none of the babies survived.  Since it was a court matter, Gertie remained in the AC facility.  Her medical needs were seen to, but she was living in what amounted to solitary confinement.  Not the ideal situation for pigs, who are extremely social animals.  Advocate Angel Campbell was the first among many to reach out to the community in Gertie’s behalf.


In December, nine months after she was taken from her abusers, and shortly before the case was due to come to court, PAL took Gertie’s case to the public, and within just three days, almost 4,000 concerned advocates had petitioned the judge to set her free.



And it happened! And Gertie had applications in place to rescue her!  PAL Board member, Brittany Kayanne, told ShelterMe,

“the supervisor of AC is super nice, and I think he’ll do right by Gertie!”

Gertie, with Wayne Thomas from AC heading to freedom!

Everything fell into place.  The Judge gave Gertie her freedom, AC checked out the rescue, and Gertie was released into the custody of Susan Swafford with Gracie’s Acres!

Ms. Swafford writes, “I wish I could have seen the judge’s face when he was presented with our petition with its many thousands of signatures.” 

Sniffles, making new friends at Gracies’ Acres.

Not only did Gertie earn her freedom, but another pig named Sniffles, a December owner turn-in to the same shelter, also got her freedom ride to Gracie’s Acres.


Interested in becoming a pig parent?  PAL has terrific tips hereon their website, with this link to many pig rescues across the country.  Want to help out, or adopt Gertie, Sniffles or any of the other piggies, like the ones below,  at Gracie’s Acres?  Here’s a link!  And for some sweet pig videos, check out PAL’s Facebook site!

Geezer at Gracie’s Acres
Harmony at Gracie’s Acres

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