Originally published in ShelterMe.tv!

The city of Rome, in Floyd County, Georgia, is breed restricted; BSL has been in place there for some time.  However one woman, living in neighboring Alabama, has been successfully striving to rescue dogs like this starved little girl, from the city’s shelter in Rome, giving them new lives out of that county.  And she’s planning to dramatically increase those numbers.

Chunda Micklow Greathouse has been in the trenches of rescue for five years, and for most of that time, her dream has been to create a ten-run kennel with play-yard, to house the dogs she rescues from Rome, until she can safely rehome them.

To fund her rescue operation, Ms. Greathouse creates, sells and delivers these home-made, extremely decorative cakes for special events. Chunda tells Shelter Me, “all the money I make goes to the dogs! Pitbulls have my heart.”

Her first rescue was Zeus. Even after she was unexpectedly out of pocket to the tune of $1100 for his heartworm treatment, she continued rescuing.

Romeo and Alice, bonded and saved together!


Along the way came Romeo and Alice.  This bonded couple was almost separated, but when Alice’s adoptive family found out about Romeo, they took in Alice’s beau as well.

Chunda tells us, “Every pitbull saved has been so loving. Many of (my) adopters are cake customers.”


And then there are dogs like Diesel, who escaped his new home and sent people into 20-degree-weather for two days, till Chunda finally was able to recapture him.

Although Rome’s shelter has improved in the past few years, according to Greathouse, the shelter still has some things to work on, especially regarding bully breeds.

“They will adopt out of the county, or get them to rescue.  However, if they don’t leave the county, they don’t make it out of the shelter.”

Until BSL is rescinded, Ms. Greathouse’s immediate desire is to build that kennel. She saw a problem and realized that she could make a difference.  Her land is surrounded by woods, so it’s the perfect place for a group of happy, healthy dogs to hang out while they wait for new homes.

Her anticipated budget is about $5,000.  She already has volunteers to help with the construction and work with the dogs.  She’d love to work with a local retailer to help get this facility built, and has launched a completely transparent fundraiser to make her dream come true. If you can help, the dogs of Floyd County would be forever grateful.

If you’d like to help with her current rescues, here are three cuties she’s currently fostering – jgreathouse5252@charter.net is her email. If she doesn’t get back to you right away, knowing Chunda, she’s probably on the rescue road….. As she tells us, “One share can save one dog.  We can all do our part.”  Some people, like Chunda, have larger hearts and find ways to play larger parts.



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