Originally published in ShelterMe.tv!

Pets are family members.  But who among us has not paid a visit to the veterinarian or local pet supply shop, seen the charges for our fur-buddy, sighed, then looked down at them and said, “too bad you can’t get a job…”

Well, this week one state assemblyman in California introduced a bill that would give pet owners a break on veterinary expenses, allowing dog and cat owners in that state to write off half the money they spend on vet costs, up to $2,000 per year.

Devon Mathis, R-Visalia, who is pet parent to two dogs and two cats, drafted the legislation.  If passed, Assembly Bill 942 would amend the state’s Revenue and Taxation code, take effect immediately, and remain a law until 1/1/2023, at which time it could be repealed, with any unused credits rolling over.  The tax credit would be in effect for each of those six years.

This bill is for qualified veterinary medical services,  including, but not limited to, vaccinations, annual check-ups, surgeries, and drug prescriptions.  For those who can’t afford the luxury of pet insurance, this may mean NOT having to make a gut-wrenching decision if your pet becomes ill, as well as cut down on shelter turn-ins AND increase adoptions!


Mathis said, “This is an incentive to do the surgery and keep them in the family.  It helps everyone across the state, every family and every pet lover out there.”



Always keeping his eye on how to best support his country, Assemblyman Mathis served for 10 years as a Sergeant in the Army National Guard, including two tours in Iraq.  He was awarded a Purple Heart after surviving severe injury in a roadside attack. He’s still giving back to his country and community.


His proposed legislation may be scheduled to be heard in committee in March.  To send your comments to your representative in CA, click here! If passed, not only would pet parents save some bucks on their furkids, but it would go a long way towards guaranteeing healthier, happier pets in that state. And that’s an idea everyone can get behind!


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