Originally published in ShelterMe.tv!

The stigma of being a black dog in a shelter is universal.  For some reason, dogs with black coats have slimmer chance of finding their new furever home than that of their light-colored cousins.  Perhaps they don’t show up as well in intake photos or on social media posts.  And if you’re a black dog on the larger side, you’ve got it even rougher.


Blue, adoptable!


A posse of caring Scottish craftswomen recently found out about what’s known as ‘black dog syndrome‘ and creatively found a way to help end discrimination in their local shelter.  To celebrate their 100-year anniversary, the Aberdeenshire Federation SWI, thought this would be a great cause so they took up their knitting needles! On behalf of the animals at the Scottish SPCA, they’ve created stylish, eye-catching sweaters for the black dogs at that shelter.


Scottish SPCA Animal Rescue and Rehoming Superintendent tells ShelterMe.tv,

“It’s known that dogs with black coats, with the exception of black labs, are less likely to be rehomed.

We are hoping these brightly colored woolen coats will make them stand out and they are already proving a conversation point. We hope that they also play a part in helping us rehome all of our dogs, regardless of the color of their coat, quickly and effectively.”

Sasha, adoptable girl!


Dogs of every breed, like Blue, above, deserve that second glance – and a new home!

Check out Sasha, a staffie from Inverness.  Doesn’t she looking stunning and smart in her knitted jumper?  Sasha has been waiting for her new home for 202 days….

Shelter animals the world over would love to catch the eye of a new family, and this is one way, if you have the time and the talent, you can help them out.  Here’s a link to some patterns.   Like many shelters, the Scottish SPCA receives no government funding; you can find out more about them here.



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