It’s a day that has been in the works for over a year, and New Jersey residents are hoping that Governor Chris Christie will put his signature on S3041, the bill that will ban puppy and kitten mills from operating in that state.

Senator Raymond Lesniak (D) announced on Thursday that the Senate and General Assembly of NJ overwhelmingly approved the bill, which establishes new requirements for pet dealers and pet shops.

According to Senator Lesniak, advocates should expect Governor Christie’s decision in 45 days or less.  In the Facebook video posted on his page, the Senator tells his constituents,

If Governor Christie doesn’t sign this ban on puppy mills we’ll override his veto.”

Though the Pet Protection Act of 2015, which is what the new bill amends, was meant to attack the problem of pet stores selling sick animals, and protect buyers as well, survivors of kitten and puppy mills were still being sold in stores. Consumers were still reporting purchasing animals who seemed healthy, but shortly became ill, a typical problem seen in mill animals.

The new bill states,  “often, a consumer has not seen the conditions in which the cat or dog was born and raised, and the health and behavioral issues caused by these conditions may not present themselves until sometime after the purchase of the cat or dog; and that these health and behavioral issues can impose exorbitant financial and emotional costs on the consumer purchasing the cat or dog.”

The new regulations will still allow consumers to purchase or adopt a cat or dog directly from a breed-specific animal rescue organization or a shelter or pound, or from a breeder that meets basic standards of animal welfare, such as those laid out in the bill.


If you’d like to contact Governor Christie to ask him to please sign bill S3401, here’s the link! You can also call his office at 609-292-6000.  To read more about the bill, which can easily be adopted in every state – and SHOULD beclick here.

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