Originally published in ShelterMe.tv!

A national survey of 1500 U.S. dog owners, conducted by Google Surveys for Rover.com, reveals that not only are dogs our best friends, but 94% of pet parents consider their dogs to be family members.

And boy, do we love showing off our furry families on social media.  29% of dog people share more pictures of their canine companions than friends, family or themselves.   And check your cellphone.  You may be among the 65% of dog owners who take more photos of your dog than your friends or significant other!

You know that saying, ‘if my dog doesn’t like you, than neither do I’… well, it really is more than just a saying.  Over 25% of pet parents have brought their pet on a date.  The sniff test is very important!  In fact, 54% of dog moms and dads would consider ending a relationship if they thought their dog didn’t like their partner.

Do you worry about your dog when you’re not home?  You’re in good company.  86% of dog owners share your concerns.  And to make sure they don’t get lonely, 88% of owners leave on the TV for their dog or have gotten them a companion pet!  This ShelterMe.tv writer and pet mom admits to doing exactly that…

Having a pet has also been proven to lower stress levels, increase physical activity and put a smile on your face – 56% of dog people say hello to their dog FIRST when they come home!

Want to check out more fun facts that reveal the truth about dog people? Click here!  And cat lovers, here’s something we’ve unearthed.  A 2014 study shows cat people are smarter than dog people…..

So why not share some time with your pet, curl up on the couch and tune in to an episode of ShelterMe.tv like this one, about the joy of fostering!


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