Originally published in ShelterMe.tv

An important part of Scouting is giving back to their community.  Meet Fabian Velasquez, a 16-year-old Boy Scout in Central Florida, who has chosen to give it up for local animals!

Banjo, adoptable at PAGO!

For his Eagle Scout project, Fabian has chosen to renovate and refurbish parts of the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando’s animal shelter.   When the redo is complete, the shelter will have two renovated play yards, with new paint on the floors and benches, new shelving and storage containers and new treat dispensers. 40 kennels will also have better kennel latches.  All to make life better for shelter pets like Brussels, above!

Fabian knew, in order to reach his goal, that he would have to reach out to the community for assistance.   He launched a small gofundme, and in less than a month is half-way to his goal.  He’s also planned a benefit dinner for May 13, inviting local vendors to participate at the location in Winter Garden, Florida, and is hoping that the balance of his fundraiser will come from attendees to this reasonably-priced event.

Dahlia, adoptable at PAGO!

In order to earn an Eagle Scout rank, all Scouts must complete their chosen project without adult interference, and before their 18th birthday. Though he could not be reached for comment, we’re sure that Fabian is standing by the Scout Oath “…to help other people at all times,” and, in choosing to extend that oath to encompass man’s best friends, earns him two paws up from ShelterMe.tv!

Cassie, adoptable at PAGO!

You can find out more about the event by clicking here!  And here is a link to all of PAGO’s current residents, some of whom are pictured here.  Please stop by their Orlando location at 2727 Conroy Road, or call 407-351-7722.  Or visit their Sanford location at 2800 County Home Road, or call (407) 323-8685.  Adopt, don’t shop!


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