Originally published in ShelterMe.tv!

Molly Haskett, who turned nine just a few days ago, has a passion for pets. Last week she spelled out her concern for her local shelter when she addressed the City Council in Midwest City, Oklahoma, igniting the audience with her poise and character.

Courtesy, Molly’s Cause For Paws

“I think we should get a bigger animal shelter to help these pets,” Molly said during the meeting.  After raising her hand to speak, Molly approached the podium. Not quite tall enough to reach the microphone, with the aid of her grandmother, she addressed the assembly while standing on a chair.

Molly, who volunteers at MWC, and also brings in stray animals, spoke from the heart about the need to fund a new shelter facility.

I think that if you expand the shelter then these animals will be happier.”

“She pretty much stole the show,” said Adrian Sander, with Midwest City Animal Welfare.  Ms. Haskett was eminently composed, stealing the spotlight from other speakers.

I’ve gone to MWC and there were only 24 kennels there.  MWC has gotten larger, which means more stray dogs. So I think we should get a bigger animal shelter to help these pets.”  Molly was adamant that if the shelter is made bigger, all the animals could be saved, “and I think that is a very good idea.”

Midwest City has been growing in population, and Molly thinks the shelter needs to grow with it.  “I love animals, and so I think that we really need a bigger shelter.”

Courtesy, Molly’s Cause For Paws

Not only does she donate her time, Ms. Haskett also donates her hard-earned money.  She sells handmade snowmen through her website, Molly’s Cause For Paws.  “I gave $250 to five shelters, Midwest City included,” she said.

“To see a child that’s 8 years old support our shelter, it’s wonderful,” Sander said.

Midwest City Mayor and the City Council are reviewing requests and looking at what can be done to help. Rescues and volunteers also spoke at the meeting regarding the 31-year-old shelter, and ShelterMe.tv will have that story!

Darla, adoptable labbie mix at MWC, ID 29493

Molly, a strong advocate for spaying and neutering pets, is pictured here with Darla, a young labbie mix at MWC waiting for her furever home.  Molly even set up a donation jar at her birthday celebration to collect funds for her favorite cause – those with paws and claws.

Here are the links to MWC’s dog and cat adoptables, or click this Facebook page for the Friends of the Midwest City Animal Welfare Center!  The shelter is open 6 days a week, and can be reached at  (405) 427-6640.  The adoption fee is a nominal $45.

Molly Haskett, you’re an inspiration!


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